These are the JAILEY'S LADIES. Select an ATTENDANT Gentlemen, and find your PERFECT experience...

We would love to have you visit us. We are here to make sure your experience is everything you could ever want, need or desire from us. Our special selection of various "Fantasty Rooms" allow us - the Ladies of Jailey's - to become what you need us to be.

We welcome YOU, and are always willing to make sure that we fulfill your deepest Fantasies, your most wanted desires.

Come and visit us - we're waiting for YOU... From Jailey's Fantasy Tropical Room to our relaxed environmental Fantasy Roman Room - Sensual Touch and Escape - we're here for you...

We'll see you soon...

Alanna Thomas

Alexa Ventura

Bailey Taylor



Emily Paige

Jada Monet

Kalista Grace

Marissa Winter


Stella Wild

Teegan Daniels

Texas Taylor